Vintage Hair Cut

Top Retro & Vintage Haircuts that can be Head Turners in 2021

Fashion and style change with time – quite obviously. Older trends that move over to make space for newer ones do not fade out in oblivion forever. Well, they may get out of the reckoning for the time being, but they come back with renewed vigour in a new name and maybe a new avatar. Take, for instance, haircuts for men and women. 

The 50s and the 60s and the 80s and 90s saw the emergence of some highly stylish hairstyles. They made the divas look out of this world. Still, they moved out, making space for new hairstyles that rollicked the 2000s and beyond!  But that doesn’t mean they are gone forever. 

Customers who are visiting us at Hobart Beauty Salon do quite often look to have the retro look by having some scintillating retro hairstyles that were darling of the womenfolk during the yesteryears. Hence, in this write up, we shall discuss a few retro haircuts for women that are making news in 2021, afresh! 

Multiple Blonde Buns

Aspiring to go blond? Do so and have some pure fun with the big, chunky buns all over!! Yes, that’s the look Multiple Blonde Buns come up with. This particular vintage style is all about rolling the hair into a side bundle at the front of the scalp for some vintage bangs. And if you back this style up by dressing in a bandana and a scarf, that will give you a perfect  50s look – a real awe-inspirer indeed. 

Romantic Curls

Curls have always been the darlings of fashion divas. They have always been in the thick of things in the fashion industry. Thus, if you are planning to don a throwback look while going for a haircut in Glenorchy, parting your hair with a clean sweep through the middle, and going for baby curls the free ends will make a lot of difference. You need to have the halves secured with bobby pins. Whether it’s dark or light, rolled or spiraled, curly hair is always a hit for any occasion and indeed, the concept never goes out of style. 

Shoulder Length Retro

This is a unique 1940s look, which carries an aura of pristine aristocracy with it, and a hard-to-ignore haircut in Hobart, if you have solid black hair. Pair it with a bright red lip gloss to give it a complete retro look that you have been dreaming of. This spectacular vintage hairdo is often coupled with dark floral makeup, and that gives you that out of this world look and feel! 

Curly Girl

Marylyn Monroe – that’s the name that comes up the moment you think of this unique style. Yes! If you are to get such a look and feel, go for those Marilyn curls. Colour up your locks if you are not a blonde. Opting for platinum blonde can be a good idea, more so when you sweep the hair at one side. Complete the look with some sleep in pin locks and curls, and have the hair cut to an angle. Also, make sure your barber at your Hobart beauty parlour uses traditional rollers. That will help in getting this purely traditional look and feel. Remember, vintage haircuts and styles are inspired by various places and sources. However, Marilyn’s hair is indeed the epitome of the glam of the yester era. 

Well, there are a lot more vintage haircuts that you can opt for. The ones mentioned above are from 4 different genres and eras, thereby giving you a retro look that people will simply adore. 

However, for that, you need to get to the best and the most experienced beauty salon in Hobart, where the hair specialists are well aware of these cuts! There is hardly any name more competent and equipped than Hobart Beauty Salon!  To get more information about us on the net, use phrases like ‘retro haircuts near me’. You can call us on 04 513 555 67 for further details.