Eyelash Extension


Eyelash Extension in Hobart

Many women get eyelash extensions because it accentuates their eyes without the need for mascara, eye makeup and eyelash curlers. It’s amazing how thicker, longer, fuller and curlier eyelashes can boost their confidence, making them feel beautiful and done up without too much effort.
Eyelash extensions is the art of applying a single or 2-6 extensions to one of your natural lashes to lengthen and add volume. Unlike the stick on falsies that last one night, eyelash extensions are semi-permanent and last weeks or permanently if refilled on a regular basis. The method is completely pain-free and takes between 1.5-3 hours to apply.We at Revive Queen come up with multiple types of eyelash extensions in Hobart & North Hobart. The varieties that our lash extension specialists deal with include:

  • Natural Volume Set
  • Full Volume Set
  • Glamour Volume Set
Natural Volume Set
The natural volume set comes in handy as everyday wear. It is not too dramatic, but still quite noticeable. If you have naturally sparse or fine lashes, and still if you are looking forward to some incredibly light as well as fluffy volume, our eyelash extensions experts in Glenorchy will recommend this. With up to 100 lashes for each eye, this is the variety they will recommend for you!
Full Volume Set
If you have an inclination for really black, fuller, longer, fluffier, more luscious lashes, our experts will recommend you this variety. The full volume set we come up with has up to 300 lashes for each eye and will really facelift you glamour and look & feel by quite a few notches. Indeed, it is one of the most sought-after sets that customers ask for from us!
Glamour Volume Set
This variety will simply blow your mind. With up to 500 lashes for each eye, they will make an incredible impact on your eyes, making you a glamour queen. However, you need some prep before installing this set. Consult our eyelash extension specialists in Moonah regarding the application of this variety of lash extensions.
Indeed, Revive Queen is one of the best names when it comes to beauty treatments and eyelash extensions. For further details give us a call now on 044 999 6834.


  • 1. Full Classic sets —- $99
  • 2. Infill price for classic set after 4 weeks — $79
  • 3. Handmade Fans Eyelash Extensions – Hybrid / Medium Volume 3D/4D Full Set— $99
  • 4. Handmade Fans Eyelash Extensions – Russian Volume Extreme 6D/7D Full Set— $119
  • 5. Handmade Fans Eyelash Extensions – Russian Glamorous 15D/20D Full Set— $135
  • 6. Handmade Fans Lashes Extensions – Russian Mega Volume 20D/30D Full Set— $149
  • 7. Bottom Lashes Extensions — $30
  • 8. Lash Extensions Remove Only — $25