Mens Haircut Styles

Have Curly Hair? These Are the Best Men’s Haircut Styles to Go For

If you are a man and have curly hair, you can go for some unique hairstyles, and today, we will be discussing some of those styles that you can achieve after getting a haircut. So, if you are in Hobart or Moonah, we recommend that you go to a reputed salon for the haircut as they will have expert professionals to provide the haircut. 

So, now let’s take a look at the haircut styles that you can go for if you are a man and have curly hair.

  • Centre Stage Curls

This is a great hairstyle that you can go for when taking the men’s haircut in Hobart because in this style the hair designer will just trim the curly areas while keeping the middle part of your hair intact. 

This makes the hair bouncy while giving a semi curly look that will surely impress everyone!

  • Long Curls

If you have curly hair and your hair has become somewhat long and is becoming difficult to manage, worry not as going for the long curly style is the best solution. 

To achieve this style, the hairdresser will maintain the length of the hair and only chop off the edges of your hair that have become curly. The final result will surely be mind-blowing.

  • The Messy Style

Curls can quickly become a mess if not managed properly. However, hairdressers can establish a messy style that will make you look young and attractive.

The hairdresser will trim the sides of your head and keep the hair on the centre intact to establish this unique look. So, if you are planning to get a curly haircut in Hobart, be sure to try this experimental style.

  • The Short Curly Style

The perks of having curly hair are that short styles look great on men! So, if you want a clean look that does not require much maintenance of your hair, try out this style where the professionals will chop those extra hairs and create a spiky look.

  • The Angular Style

 This is a very popular style with footballers nowadays. So, if you are planning to get a haircut in Hobart, go for this style where the sides of your head will have less hair with a messy volume at the centre that will be downward pointed establishing the angular pointed look.

  • Drop Fade

This is another messy yet elegant hairstyle for men having curly hair. In this style, the hair on the centre of your head is given a proper shape whereas the sides are trimmed as usual. So, it’s better if you go for this style if you have a square-shaped face. 

  • Thin Curls

This style creates a curly look that looks and feels natural. Here the hairdresser will slightly trim the hair to establish an even look. So, if you don’t want to experiment with curls and want to book a haircut in Moonah, this is the style that’s definitely worth going for.

Get a Great Hairstyle to Create a Lasting Impression Today

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