Eyebrow Tinting

Quality Eyebrow Tinting In Hobart to WOW YOUR BROWS!

Revive Queen; gives you fabulous eyebrow tinting and shaping treatments best-suited to your face! Our quality eyebrow tint experts in Hobart present you a more dense and defined brow and lash line to accentuate your eyes beautifully!
They diligently work on your light-coloured, sparse or fine eyebrows and even help you pick the appropriate colour from our impressive range of tints, thus allowing you to be your own kind of beautiful.Our Brow & Lash Tints Have No Ammonia or Hydrogen Peroxide!

  • – Our eyebrow tints produce a pretty similar effect to mascaras.
  • – They visibly lengthen, darken and thicken the appearance of your eyelashes without chances of smudging, clotting or rubbing off.
  • – They come in the form of a specific hair-dye mainly to be used on brows and lashes.
  • – They are devoid any nasties, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, lead
  • – They don’t create any tattoo effects.
  • – And consisting of semi-permanent colour, they last a good 6 weeks.
Our Process
  • – Our eyebrow tinting specialists in Hobart; start by cleaning, shaping your brow area, thus removing any existing impurities or dead skin cells.
  • – A quality shampoo is then used to open each hair shaft and achieve better and lasting colour deposits.
  • – We then apply the smooth paste to your brow area, and the whole process takes about 20-mins to complete.
  • – Lastly, a fixative is put over the brow area to let the colour set in properly.

So, If You’re Trying to Minimise Chemical Exposure to Your Eyes, And Yet Want Natural, Dense And Well-Defined Brows…?

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LASH & BROWS Price List

  • 1. Brows Tinting ……………. $12
  • 2. Lash Tinting ……………….. $15
  • 3. Lash Lifting ……………… $49
  • 4. Brows Henna …………….. $35