Eyelash Extension Removal

Professional Eyelash Extension Removal in Hobart

Most eyelash extensions are typically delicate. And after installing; you need to stay away from mascara, oily cleansers or even false lash adhesives.
Any of these substances have the potential of ruining your fine hairs and leaving you with no other option but to have them removed.That being said other scenarios also exist like the following:-– They’ve grown out but with a few stragglers are hanging on
– The lash extension isn’t what your conservative corporate job permits
– You’re experiencing a slight pulling or pinching feeling
– If any of these apply to you, then you will need to remove them.
Revive Queen Can Help You With That!
Our eyelash extension removal cosmetologists serving across Hobart maintain extra caution when removing your extensions.
They are well aware that the lash extensions are bonded to your natural lashes with quality-grade adhesives. So, they will maintain extra caution when removing them without damaging your real lashes.-The removal process is pain-free, relatively easy and doesn’t require any harsh solvents or removers.
-In most cases, we employ a steam treatment, which helps loosen up bonds of the lash extension glue.
-And then using cotton balls/makeup sponge dipped in olive oil, we gently swipe both the upper and lower lash lines without letting any oil get into your eyes. Eventually, that allows the false lashes to come off on the cotton ball/sponge.

You can book our eyelash removal service directly online. Or if you want; you can even call us @ 044 999 6834.


  • 1. Lash Extensions Remove Only — $25
  • 2. Lash Extensions Remove Only — $10