Top Blunt Bob HairStyles that Are Rocking This Summer

Bobs have been a sensation ever since the sizzling 60s, since the celebrated British Model Dame Lesley Lawson DBE aka and more famous as ‘Twiggy” rocked the world! And bobs have all the way been rocking the fashion world ever since. They come in many avatars – cropped, curled, pixie, long, and of late, one of the most fashionable of the bunch – the blunt! Indeed, Blunt bobs are so ‘in-style’ that women are shunning their trademarks that have been their signature for years, to opt for it. More and more customers who visit our Hobart haircut salons are turning to Blunt bobs. Indeed, this indomitable haircut is unique and will change your look and style altogether. 

So here are the top blunt bobs that are creating ripples in the fashion world of late.  

Chocolate Brown Slanted Bob…. 

When we discuss blunt bobs, there is hardly anything more striking than Chocolate Brown Slanted Bob. With an exquisite chocolate brown shade all over, it comes with a gorgeous blunt slanted line, starting from a very short crop, and then sweeping into a longer length, which frames the face. 

Big Bouncy Ombre Bob with wavers…

If you are in pursuit of a blunt bob ladies haircut that is full of texture and body, this is the right choice for you. Big Bouncy Ombre Bob with wavers will finish at your shoulder length so that it’s the perfect look if you have an oval-shaped face. 

Sleek & Rich Brown Blunt Bob….

This fascinating sleek & rich brown bob comes with an elegant and chic daytime look and feel that will turn you into a fashion diva. It finishes with a pleasant blunt line right from the bottom of the jaw and runs along up to the shoulders. The cut makes the hair look thick and glossy, and a few locks towards the finishing line will turn it exotic not for the daytime look but the nights as well.  

Close Cropped & Short Red Blunt Bob with Bangs….

This is another stunning haircut for ladies and is a guaranteed awe-inspirer! With a fabulous red shade, this exceptionally fashionable cut comes with a fabulous blunt fringe, which shows off the features. 

Strawberry Blonde Bob….

This fascinating and inimitable blonde crop will give a one-of-a-kind look and feel for sure. It comes with a distinctively shaven bottom layer, cropped closely. The upper layer is maintained a lot longer and gets shorter at the back, and again longer at the front for framing the face. It finishes in a fascinating strawberry blonde shade, making the cut amazingly striking and one of the most sought after choices of those looking for haircuts near Hobart at our salons. 

Denim Blue Bob….

Denim blue short balayage blunt bob comes with waves and is the perfect choice for those looking for different hair colour, look and feel. It is a relatively subtle cut, yet versatile enough to leave a long-lasting impression. The hair is kept short and wavy, often finishing off in curls in two segments divided equally from the mid ridge of the scalp. It looks fascinating, more so when paired with a jaw-length blunt bob with a few tousled curls.

Thus you see, with these haircuts making rounds in the fashion world, you must visit a perfect salon with experts in all these cuts. What better name can you think of, than Hobart Beauty Salon? With some of the ladies hair cut specialists in Hobart, we will make you a perfect fashionista. Call us at 04 513 555 67 to book an early appointment.