5 Terrible Mistakes You Should Never Do When Waxing at Home

Waxing at home can be daunting and time-consuming especially for beginners and mistakes are likely to happen if precautionary measures are not taken on time. It may seem to be a simple hair removal method initially, but there’s a lot more to applying thin layers of wax. Getting the buttery soft effect without damaging skin requires professional skills and hands-on expertise and people who take the plunge alone at home, end up making these worst blunders. 

Not Preparing Your Skin

Cleansing and exfoliating your skin before undergoing a waxing appointment is crucial and failing to do so can ruin your overall experience. Oil, sweat and dirt can prevent wax from sticking to body hair and make the process painful and a total fuss. If you want to save yourself from the pain, you must exfoliate your skin before booking a session. Cleanse your skin with a mild and gentle body wash and exfoliate with a quality scrub 2 days before your session to avoid skin irritations, rashes and redness.

Not Applying Wax in the Correct Direction

Waxing in the wrong direction can hurt your skin badly and delay the process unnecessarily. Application and removal of wax in the correct direction are vital as otherwise it may leave behind ingrown hair and cause discomfort. To make waxing in Hobart less painful and fuss-free, you must hold your skin firmly, apply wax in the direction of hair growth and pull it off in the opposite direction. People who neglect following the correct approach end up with a painful waxing experience and opt for frequent appointments sooner than expected.

Wax Temperature Imbalance & Viscosity

Checking the heat of wax before applying on skin is vital to save yourself from burning sensation. Whereas excessive hot wax can burn your skin, cold wax can delay the hair removal process and make waxing a painful experience. Therefore, you need to cross-check the heat before applying directly on your skin to avoid any such mishap. The viscosity of wax is another important factor to note as too thin or thick layer will break hair and cause discomfort.

Not Considering the Length of Your Body Hair

 The correct length of hair decides the smoothness and efficiency of waxing. For people who schedule waxing appointments from a beauty salon in Hobart without considering the length of body hair end up with a painful experience and bruises on their skin. The ideal length of your body hair should be not less or more than 1/4th inch. If you have long hair growth, resist yourself from trimming or shaving and in case you have short hair, wait for a few days for your body hair to attain the ideal length for a smooth waxing experience.

Neglecting Proper Aftercare Post Waxing Treatment

Salon professionals should not miss guiding clients on the routine aftercare treatments to be followed post a waxing session. The day post undergoing a waxing appointment is vital to care for skin. You must avoid a few things like taking a steam bath, wearing skin fit clothes, using deodorants and scrubbing the newly waxed skin to avoid skin irritations and redness. People who are too casual with post-waxing aftercare end up with bacterial infections and other recurring skin ailments. 

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