The Top Men’s Long Haircuts that are Making News These Days

Gone are the days when men used to have only and only trimmed hair!! Now, the new age men would love to have long hairs like their opposite gender, and these long hairs come in various shapes, styles, and looks.

Now if you go centuries back, you would find men with hair. Now that trend has come back and has taken the world of men’s fashion by storm. The experts who study fashion and trends are of the opinion that trends come and go in cycles and if that is true, then this trend of men’s long hairs has completed a full cycle and has come back with all the vigour and authority.

Now let us get to the topic! These days, a few long hairstyles are making big news!

Messy Casual

This is one of the trendiest of all the hairstyles that men would look for when they visit a men’s hairdresser in Hobart.  This particular style looks effortless, yet striking, sharp, yet casual, so much so that it gives you a look and feel of an urban legend. If you are carefree, this is the style you need to go for!!

Dreadlocks and Braids

Being similar to messy casual in terms of spirit, dreadlocks and braids entail two distinctive styles of men’s haircut in Hobart. While the braids exude sharpness along with self-control, dreadlocks imply you are kind of a bloke who would go to whatever extent it takes, to get to your goal – a hard hitter, to be precise.

Ponytail or Man-Bull

This is something to be treated pretty carefully, as over the ages, it has turned out to be a butt of a thousand and one jokes. Hence, if you visit a beauty salon in Hobart with the aspiration of getting one, you need to go for a quality salon, where the men who make it will work with it with a  great deal of acumen, to draw all the right kinds of attention from every quarter.

They will wrap your entire stuff in a nice and manageable package at the back of your head, giving you the look of a perfect bloke. Just remember, you need to go tight, but not that tight, that it will be extensively pulling at the roots. But then, when you visit the right salon, your barber in Hobart will set it right..for you!

The half up-half up Style

This particular style is all about texturing and layering. Indeed, when you have it done in the best way, the half up half down style would take trends to their logical and stylish extremes. If you are looking for this hairstyle, you might need a touch and do haircut by your barber in Glenorchy as the ruptured hair ends need to be shredded, giving your hairstyle the form of a silky waterfall.

Then again, your truly adventurous barber might try out something new, tying a portion of the hair together at the back of your head, or at the crown, to let the remaining flock flow down by steam. That will set the right look for your personality.

So you see, these are some of the trend-setting haircuts and styles that men follow these days. But for that, you need to get yourself to one of the very best salons in Bobart. What better name can you opt for that Hobart Beauty Salon. If you have any other aspirations than these (the list is endless, to be frank) call us at Hobart Beauty Salon at 04 513 555 67.