The Aspect of Hygiene & Safety during Eyelash Removal & Extension by the Pros

When it comes to providing eyelash removal and extension, it is always imperative to maintain hygiene. That is the reason, you must opt for a reputed beauty salon that is not only the home to some of the best beauticians but which is the best practitioner of hygiene maintenance. Take, for instance, Hobart Beauty Salon. We are one of the most reputed not only in terms of perfection when it comes to offering eyelash removal in Hobart but also when it is all about practicing hygiene and safety. 

How do we perceive the aspect of hygiene?  

Indeed, at Hobart Beauty Salon, we put most emphasis on hygiene, other than perfection, while serving our customers. In fact, safety and hygiene have always been our priority. We stringently follow the hygiene and safety guidelines, with appropriate steps, every single time we perform eyelash removal or extension for our clients. 

The Aspect of Safety 

When you visit our beauty salon you will find our experts extremely attentive as well as cautious when dealing with our customers’ eyes. We are careful not to leak any remover or adhesive into their eyes. This is an extremely intricate issue and this is the sole reason, while carrying out eyelash extension and removal our experts are always so attentive and careful. 

Besides, they would be immensely careful when deciding the amount of adhesive they will need to apply on the false lash, before adhering them to the natural lash of the customers. 

Ideally, the experts at our beauty salon in Hobart would not put more adhesive than a drop of the size of a poppy seed to negate any chance of the adhesive trickling down into the eyes of the customers. This can have a serious effect on the eye, albeit temporary, causing a stinging sensation. It is not that the sight will be affected but it may cause a temporary blurriness of vision and a scare for the client. Most importantly, it will leave the client disgruntled and irritated. The natural tear, however, will flush it off. Still, we will recommend taking the assistance of saline solutions to wash the eyes off if that happens at all. We take the utmost care to ensure that this never happens.

The aspect of Hygiene  

When it comes to dealing with the hygiene aspect, the very appearance of the business, the professional set up of the same, and the practice of keeping the interiors presentable and clean make a huge difference. This is where we make all the difference. We maintain a nice and organised ambience, with all the tools impeccably maintained to create a smart and satisfying impression in the psyche of our clients. And that is needed for the clients and their satisfaction. 

For instance, a nice and organised, impeccably maintained working tray speaks volumes to the customers about our professionalism and how much we care for them. When it comes to switching between clients, we take extra precautions and use a cling wrap as a barrier to the trays. We use medical-grade wipes and high-quality sanitisers, to wipe the bed and the work area periodically. And the frequency and intensity of these practices have increased ever since the outbreak of this pandemic. For further details, call us at 04 513 555 67.