Safety Measures that Professionals Take Before Manicure in this Pandemic

If you are planning to visit a beauty salon in Hobart or a proper manicure, you must look for one that is reputed and has been offering services to people for years. These salons are home to the best beauty specialists, who for obvious reasons would offer not only the best services but will practice the best hygiene during this pandemic to ward off the COVID 19 as well as the other customary ills that may be associated with the practice of manicure.

What better name can you, under the circumstances opt for, than Hobart Beauty Salon? We have been offering high-class manicures not only following the best techniques and tools but by following the best practices of hygiene.

On this page, we discuss the normal hygiene steps a quality professional needs to practice during a manicure.

Proper Sterilization:

The professionals would sterilize the manicure instruments properly, and in between the sessions for every customer, without any exception whatsoever. At times, they would also consider using those disposable nail tools instead of going for the sterilisation process. This not only takes away skepticism from the back of the mind of the customers but also speeds up the process.

Skipping stages and procedures:

At times, to make the process less cumbersome the professionals conducting Manicure in Hobart would avoid procedures that are not at all necessary or the procedures that are likely to increase the risk of contracting bacterial, viral or fungal infection, more so when we are dealing with a pandemic situation.  They would at times, skip the cuticle-pushing and the clipping procedure. Cuticles would act as a shield between your nail bed and the outside world, but the nail bed is pretty vulnerable to a variety of infecting agents.

Customer Accountability:

Some beauty salons in Hobart would come up with an idea of encouraging the customers to bring in their own instruments to be on the safer side. Nail instruments do not come at a very high price, and many salons are coming across more and more customers who are preferring to bring in their own instruments during this pandemic period.

Maintenance of cleanliness: 

Salons, more so the more reputed ones would be as sterile as possible and disinfected with the govt. Approved disinfectants. They need to be brightly lit, so that the customers can be sure about the cleanliness, more so at the nook and crannies. These salons would strictly adhere to the norms in regards to maintenance of cleanliness, and incorporate the best and a thorough sterilisation process on a day to day basis to maintain the hygiene norms.

Proper and regular hand care:

Professional manicurists would periodically wash their hands for thorough disinfecting with the help of antibacterial soaps or Hydrogen peroxide free sanitisers, before and after performing the manicure. Some would prefer wearing disposable gloves as well, during this pandemic.

Thus you see, these are the steps every reputed salon would take to come up with absolutely hygienic ways to serve their clients. We at Hobart Beauty Salon do the same. So if you looking forward to enjoying a high-quality manicure and that also in a hygienic way. For further details, call us at 04 513 555 67.