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The Science Behind Head Massage – Why is it included in Deep Tissue Massage?

The principal objective of deep tissue massage is to bring in a holistic betterment to the mind, body and spirit. And when it comes to offering a comprehensive change of the body and mind towards betterment, it is not possible by keeping the head and the brain out of the context. That is the reason, head and scalp massage has always been an integral part of deep tissue massage, more so when it comes to helping the mind and the body to relax and release stress and anxiety.  

Let us discuss the science behind head and scalp massage and what it has to do with the deep tissue massage that our experts at Revive Queen would offer to our clients. 

The Objectives

The first and foremost objective of deep tissue massage is to improve the overall wellbeing of the recipient. This is conducted by targeting the root causes of the particular symptoms like pain in the back, neck, head and other body parts. Besides releasing stress, strain and anxiety is also another major objective of deep tissue massage. It also goes a long way to impart and boost a sense of happiness and relaxation and head massage plays a pivotal role in that. 

What have all these to do with Head Massage? 

Before discussing the role played by head and scalp massage during deep tissue massage sessions, let us discuss some anatomical aspects of the brain functionalities. When touched and massaged adequately, the small muscles around the head would respond in various ways. The movements done by the therapists during the head massage would ease the muscular spasms and knots, thus ending the tightness and tension.

The back of head and the scalp contain minute muscles that do not play any part in our body movement, or in resisting heavy loads. Yet, these muscles are notorious for getting tensed and when they do, it increases tension and anxiety. And recent studies have revealed the response of the body to in and around this area is more complex than what was earlier believed. That is where head massage in this area makes a difference. Adequate touch and massage in and around this area will ease the muscular spasms and knots, thereby providing a sense of comfort that will spread over the entire body. 

The Techniques of Head Massage

The principle of the head massage is based on working on the network of nerve endings and receptors, which are engaged in processing the touch and sensations and sending the information through the nervous system to the brain. The massage will stimulate the pressure receptors in the skin, which will help the brain to this change in the muscular tension, which will in turn help the brain to spread that sense of relaxation all throughout the mind, body and spirit.  This is where the head massage conducted by a therapist in Hobart like anywhere else will make the difference. 

The Mind-body Connectivity

There is an element of interconnectivity between the mind and the body, and as such, between the mental and physical connectivity. This is where the head massage comes into play, to provide a holistic betterment of mind, body and spirit. 

A quality head massage in Hobart or elsewhere by a trained professional is more like a Psychosomatic therapy, which will control the mind and as well as the body equally. It acts like an external stimulus, which alters the brain chemistry as a first step to influence the entire body

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