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How to Determine the Quality of Your Eyelash Extension?

There are various categories and types of eyelashes with each of them having uniqueness of its own. However, from the qualitative point of view, not all are the same. Thus, identifying quality eyelash extensions at times may be pretty difficult to detect for the users, more so for the first timers. Thus, let us reveal some of the ways to determine the quality of your eyelash extension. 

The Amount of Adhesive Needed

Stay away from the products that need too much adhesive to stick. Not only will too much adhesive make the extensions feel heavier on your natural eyelashes, it will cause you natural eyelashes to break and disrupt their shedding cycle. 

Also, if you need to have the extension removed, the experts of your beauty salon in Hobart will find it difficult and problematic to remove them. And the process may cause your natural eyelashes to fall off as well. 

Besides, when you have too much adhesive on the extensions, it will make them less flexible, and dehydrate your natural lashes, causing them to fall off. 

Materials used in the Lashes

The material or the type of product used in the manufacture of the lashes is also something that you need to put focus on. The lash extensions you look for, should feel soft to touch and extremely light, weightless to touch. This will not only keep your natural eyelashes safe, the specialist working with will also find it easier to brush through the lashes and remove them, if and when needed. The professional doesn’t have to tug or pull it due to clumping issues during removal of eyelash extensions at your salon in Hobart  or elsewhere. You need to be particularly aware that clumping will affect the proper growth of the lash follicles.

The Longevity of the Lashes

This is another factor that has to be look after, to determine the quality of you eyelashes. Well, strictly speaking, the longevity of these extensions not only depends upon their quality but also on the expertise of the experts at your beauty salon. 

There are two ways to see to it. When you find a particular type of extension has a history of short longevity, it’s the quality of the extension, rather the expertise of the professionals to be blamed. Again, if you get too many complaints in regards to the longevity of eyelash extensions, you need to keep away from that salon. The expertise of the professionals in the salon is to be questioned. But when it comes to determining the quality of the extensions, longevity is something to be looked into.

Listen to the Experts 

If you are inconclusive or confused about the quality of the eyelash extensions, turn to the experts of your beauty salon in Hobart. These professionals, out of their sheer experience and knowledge will be able to determine the quality of the eyelash extension you are eyeing for. 

That’s why, opting for reputed names like Revive Queen always counts for having eyelash extensions. Call us at 044 999 6834 for an appointment.