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A Few Eyebrow Tinting Do’s And Don’ts You Should Follow

Applying shades to your eyebrow can make you look attractive. But before and after the process, you need to follow a few things to retain the colour and keep your eyes safe. So, we will be particularly looking at the dos and don’ts today. And if you are in Hobart and planning to go for an eyebrow tinting, we hope these points will help you to achieve the best results.

  • Clean Your Eyebrows First 

Before you visit the salon for an eyebrow tinting session in Hobart, better clean your eyebrows first and do not wear mascara, brow pencil or anything similar. Additionally, experts suggest that you should not put anything that can make your eyebrows oily or greasy as it will prevent the tint from adhering to your eyebrows. Besides, clean eyebrows can help keep the tint for a longer duration.

  • Avoid DIY

This one is mainly considered a ‘don’t’, as you can guess already.

See, if you are not an expert in tinting, achieving the finest results can be difficult. Moreover, applying the tint all by yourself on your eyebrows can be really challenging. So, to avoid the hassle, you should book an appointment with an expert.

  • Discuss Your Needs

Before you book a session or the procedure starts, you will need to discuss your needs with the professional applying the tint.

If you have undergone the procedure before and find a particular technique uncomfortable, for instance, you should clearly tell this to the therapist. Besides, if you experience other problems or want a certain technique to be used for the tinting process, discuss these with the expert.

  • Don’t Book a Session If You Are Experiencing Eye Problems

If and when you are facing eye allergies, you should not book a tinting session for your eyebrows in Hobart as this can make the situation even worse. 

In these circumstances, you will need to wait and book it when you fully recover. However, if you have allergies or other eye problems, consult a physician. It’s safe.

  • Choose the Right Colour 

Quite naturally, choosing the best colour is always recommended if you want to enhance your looks. However, if you don’t know which will suit you best or if this is your first time in eyebrow tinting, ask the professional or let her pick the right one for you.

However, if you want to experiment with new shades, then you can choose whichever colour you want.

  • Don’t Go Swimming 

Experts carrying out Hobart eyebrow tinting service suggest that right after applying the shade, you should not go swimming.

This is because the water in the swimming pool can contain chlorine which is harmful to the tint. Similarly, if you are on a beach, avoid swimming in the sea as saltwater can harm the tint as well.

  • Avoid Direct Sunlight

Exposure to direct sunlight is another thing that you will need to avoid as this can harm the tint. So, at least for a couple of days wear sunglasses.

Lastly, if you follow these points, you can expect the tint to last longer.

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