Hot Stone Massage Hobart

What can you Expect During Hot Stone Massage?

Hot stone massage is one of the most effective forms of massage that involves the use of a specific type of heated, smooth stones.  Here the massage therapist would place the hot stones on particular points on the body, and may also ensure that the stones remain in their respective places, as the therapist gets on with the massage. The localized heat, generated by the warmth of the stones, coupled with their respective weight would relax the muscles, thereby allowing the masseur to exert deeper and more intense pressure to the trigger points that are the sources of discomfort. 

The Basics….to Start With

Hot stone massage typically is all about the use of certain heated stones. Generally, Basalt river rocks are used for the massage, as they are smooth and have the significant capacity of retaining heat. 

Things to Expect….

During the massage, the therapist is expected to place the stones on the specific points of your body, particularly on the trigger points. Now these points may vary, in accordance to the areas of muscular tension and your health history. During the hot stone massage in Hobart like anywhere else, the therapist is expected to place the stones in the following areas of your body. 

  • Along both the sides of your spine 
  • In your palms of hands 
  • On your abdomen, legs and feet 

The professional will place smaller stones between your toes and on your forehead. 

After the therapist places the stones on specific areas of your body, he or she is expected to wait for a few minutes, the heat will take a few minutes to get through the towel or sheet to get to your skin, so you can determine if the stones are excessively hot for your skin. 

Once you are comfortable with the amount of heat, the therapist would apply the massage oil to the skin. The therapist is expected to hold the stones in two hands and will indulge in certain gliding movements, for moving the stones along your muscles. 

The therapist would apply the typical techniques of Swedish massage on your neck and shoulders, back and legs using the shoulders. 

What’s the Duration? 

Just like the Chinese massage in Hobart or any other form of massage, the duration of a typical hot stone massage session varies from 60 to 90 minutes. 

Are you Expected to Feel Pain During the Massage? 

The stones that are used for hot stone massage by specialists are a few inches long and are smooth and flat shaped. These stones are warmed with the use of a professional electric massage stone heating device having provision of temperature control. Thus, the heat is never that intense to cause pain, burning sensation or discomfort to your skin. Yet, if you face any discomfort while having the massage, you need to immediately bring that to the attention of the professional conducting hot stone massage in Hobart. There is no justification for getting hurt during massage. 

Is this Massage Considered Safe?

While this massage is considered safe when it is performed by trained and qualified, licensed and experienced hot stone massage therapists in Hobart or elsewhere, it is not the right massage for everyone. Kids and expecting mothers should keep away from this massage.

All said and done, get to a qualified massage therapist for a hot stone massage. What better name can you choose than Revive Queen, if you are in Hobart? Call us at 044 999 6834 to fix an appointment.