After Waxing Care

How to Keep Your Skin Smooth Even After Waxing Your Body?

Sometimes, after body waxing, you might notice that your skin has become rough or dry. Though this is somewhat common, it might, it can still be uncomfortable for you. However, you can keep your skin hydrated and smooth if you follow a few steps. We will discuss them today. 

So, let’s get started.

  • Apply a Post Waxing Lotion

To keep the skin smooth, the application of a post-waxing lotion is mandatory because they help to remove the residue generated after waxing. Besides, they also help to soothe the skin and help prevent red bumps. 

The experts providing waxing in Hobart suggest that you can use natural lotions too since there is less chance of side effects. However, before getting a lotion, you should talk to your physician or the therapist conducting the waxing. With that, make sure that you are not allergic to certain natural products. On the other hand, if the therapists suggest that a chemical solution can work, you can apply that too.

  • Applying Cold Compresses

If your skin feels dry and itchy, you can apply a cold compress after the body waxing session. This reduces the inflammation and the red bumps that might form on your skin. With that, you can also apply an ice cube directly to the affected area. However, applying these only once will unlikely produce good results. You will need to keep them applying for a certain period to get the best results.

  • Organic Gels

Application of organic gels is another way how you can keep the waxed areas smooth as well as cool. Here too, you can use organic products like Aloe vera or other herbal oils that help the skin to stay soft even after the wax. Moreover, these gels have a nice fragrance that will keep you fresh all day.

  • Applying Moisturising Solutions

After body waxing in North Hobart, you will need to apply a premium moisturising solution if you need to keep your skin smooth. However, you should not start the application of this solution right after waxing since it can clog the pores on your skin which can lead to pimples. Rather, wait for a day or two and then apply the moisturiser to get the desired results.

  • Use Antiseptic Creams 

After waxing, you might face some bruises. These are natural as well. So, to cure them quickly, the usage of plain antiseptic creams is enough. However, it is better to ask the beauticians before you start applying any of these creams because some bruises or rough patches after waxing might require special treatment. In this scenario, the professionals will recommend you the appropriate medications or solutions.

  • Do Not Use Oils Right After Waxing 

Right after the waxing treatment in Hobart, you should not start the application of oils as these will clog the skin pores which will lead to the accumulation of dirt. This will eventually lead to pimples. At the same time, you must not use soap as well since it can make your skin excessively dry and rough.

So, if you follow these steps, you can keep your skin smooth after waxing. However, before the beginning of the waxing session discuss the topic with the therapist for more information.

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