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How Can You Make Your Eyelash Extension Stay Longer?

One of the most worrying factors that tickle the back of people’s minds after going for eyelash extensions is their longevity. The last thing that users would like to see is the extensions falling within just a few days or even earlier after being installed. So they would definitely like to extend the life of their eyelash extension and make them stay as long as they can. The experts would say that there are ways to do so. They would offer some tips that would help the eyelash extensions last longer. Here the tips are for your information.

Opt For Lighter Lashes 

It is obvious that the thicker the extensions the heavier they will be. Naturally, they will be more affected by the laws of gravity and will be quicker in peeling off and fallout out. Hence, our experts at Revive Queen would recommend opting for the relatively lighter varieties, no matter whether you opt for the classic or the volume. It will be wiser to opt for the .05 mm and 0.07 mm range, which will tend to stay on longer than the heavier varieties. 

Choose the Variety that Mimics Your Natural Lashes 

The experts are of the opinion that it is better to select extensions that are exactly similar to the shape and structure of your natural eyelashes. For instance, if you have straight lashes and you opt for the super curtly variety of extensions, they will invariably peel off pretty prematurely. Thus our professionals would recommend using a heated eyelash curler to create the curls, rather than using the pre curled variety. At times, innovations work better than the conventional ways. 

Avoid the Eye Area while Applying Night Ceam  

Applying a quality branded night cream before going to bed will help you get up the next morning with a prized complexion. But frankly speaking, it will do no good to your eyelash extensions. The cream will break the glue up, and will cause the extension to fall off prematurely. That’s why, our eyelash extension specialists in Hobart would recommend avoiding the eye area when applying the night cream to extend the life of your eyelash extensions. 

Use an Eyelash Sealer 

Indeed so. When you apply an eyelash sealer whenever it is possible, it will keep the extensions in place for a longer period. Quality eyelash sealers come with an acrylic as well as hyaluronic serum. The duo would help your extension adhere and stay healthier and conditioned for long. 

Keep away from the waterproof mascaras

While you normally do not opt for mascaras with the eyelash extensions on, you might at times think of adding some spice to your looks by going for those waterproof mascaras. That will be a blunder, to say the least. Avoid the temptation at all cost, for applying it will bring in the doomsday for your eyelash extensions. They will simply feel off. 

Do not Sleep on Your Abdomen

Last but not the least, do not sleep on your abdomen. For when you do that your face will push against your pillow, causing the eyelash extensions to tweak & break and fall off rather prematurely.

Therefore you see, after you have had your eyelash extensions applied at our beauty salon in North Hobart, you need to follow these steps to ensure that they stay longer and remain healthier and in perfect shape to amp up your looks. For further details, call us at 044 999 6834.