Deep Tissue Massage

Effects of Deep Tissue Massage on Your Mind – A Clinical Analysis

Deep tissue oil massage is often regarded as one of the best ways of relaxing your mind, body and spirit, and syncing the three into one. While the effect of deep tissue massage on body can easily be apprehended, it is influence on mind and spirit is still being guessed about. So let us discuss what precisely the massage does to the mind and spirit. 

Then experts conducting deep tissue massage would take the help of certain specified pressing and rubbing techniques to manipulate the skin, tendons, ligaments and muscles. They would use their hands as well as fingers for the massage and the intensity of such pressures many vary from light to deep pressing techniques. It is this variation of pressure and movement techniques that have their influence on the mind and spirit.  

It Helps to Get Relief from Depression

Thanks to the hectic pace of modern life and pressure on the economic and professional fronts, more and more people are getting into a depression mode, which is taking its toll on their mental setup. This is where these massages come to the rescue. Indeed, there are a number of conventional treatments to mental issues, but massage has been proven to be the most effective of them all. Indeed, massage therapy goes a long way to reduce stress, thereby helping people to relax. More so, the cordial bondage that develops between the therapist and the patient over time helps immensely as well. This particular massage also helps release of oxytocin hormone, which is known to help creation of bondage. 

It Reduces Anxiety

A recent study has also revealed that this deep tissue oil massage also helps to release anxiety. The generalised relaxing response that the body shows extends to the mind as well, thus helping it in release anxiety. Besides, this relaxing response also controls and even prevents the sense of anxiety from occurring. It helps people to remain calm and composed even in the most anxious moments. It helps to increase concentration level. 

It Releases Endorphins 

Endorphins are also known as feel good hormones, which the body releases in the time joy and happiness. It also acts as a natural pain killer. When one undergoes oil massage to treat chronic illness or long standing injuries, or during the recovery period following any surgery, endorphin is released. Thus it helps to relieve the feeling of pain. In fact, this massage is also regarded as a great source of relief for those suffering from migraine. 

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