Aromatic Oils Massage

What are the Most Commonly Used Aromatic Oils In Thai Massage?

If you are looking forward to enjoying a comprehensive recovery from long standing medical conditions, taking Thai Massage from a quality service provider is one of the most effective ways. The experts offer Thai Massage will follow certain techniques to address your bespoke medical needs and assuage them. 

Now discussing about Thai massage, apart from the pressure treatment and the moves, the factor that makes a huge difference is the use of essential oils. Various types of essential oils are used to conduct effective Thai massage. 

Indeed, these essential oils play a pivotal role, and have a truly magical impact on the mind, body and spirit. While one proportion of a traditional Thai massage is conducted without the help of any essential oils, the other part is conducted with help of various types of essential oils. On this page, we shall discuss some of the best essential oils that are used by the experts offering Thai Massage service in Hobart as in any other place. 


Jasmine is one of the most popular essential oils, which acts as a very effective antidepressant as well as antiseptic. The experts would also use it as an aphrodisiac as well. They would recommend jasmine oil to conduct massage on those suffering from severe depression as it would soothe nerves and impart a sense of self confidence and an element of optimism. All these will help the individual to recover from lost energy and gain vitality. It will also help relieve muscular pain and tension, and treat stiff and sprained limbs. Indeed, Jasmine essential oil is an integral part of Thai massage. 

Lemon Grass…

It is the second most widely used essential oil in Thai massage treatments. Lemongrass essential oil, just like Jasmine, acts like an antiseptic and antidepressant agent. However, additionally, this particular essential oil also acts as antimicrobial agent and thus, protects the recipient from bacterial and fungal infections.  It helps make the skin smoother, and softer. The aroma and the ingredients that the oil is associated with, soothe the nerves as well as tone.  Our Thai massage experts would recommend it for recovering from trauma, stress and strain, and chronic headaches. Besides, lemongrass oil, just like jasmine, would help recover from muscular and joint pains and stiffness. 


Papaya essential oil is extremely rich in Omega 9 essential fatty acid and this makes Papaya oil another extremely popular essential oil that is used by experts in aromatic oil massage in Hobart or elsewhere. This particular oil is anti-inflammatory. Besides, it is analgesic as well as highly moisturising. Regular use of papaya aromatic oil would prevent the skin from aging, and will make it soft & agile. It also protects the skin from allergies, rashes, pimples and other skin problems. 


The popularity of coconut oil dates back since time immortal. The versatility and popularity of coconut oil is beyond questions. It has been in use since centuries to treat countless issues. It is extremely nourishing for hair as well as skin and thus, is often used as the main ingredient in body lotions and creams, hair masks, and even in shampoos. The ecstatic aroma that pure coconut oil comes with is extremely relaxing.

Thus you see, our experts offering Thai massage in Revive Queen would use these essential oils and not without reasons. For further details, call us at 044 999 6834 today.