Effective Measures You Need to Take Before Waxing in Hobart

Removing unwanted hair not only makes your skin look beautiful but also makes it smooth. However, you need to take some effective measures before going for waxing to avoid pain or irritation. The following are the guidelines that you can follow for the best results.

Exfoliation before Waxing

Before visiting a beauty salon in Hobart you need to exfoliate your skin for a smoother wax as this will help you in avoiding the pain. For a proper exfoliation use a rough washcloth as this does not cause irritation in the sensitive areas. Also, avoid harsh scrubs on the day of the waxing as this might cause redness on the skin.

Cleaning before Waxing

Though waxing is safe, you should clean your skin before going for a wax because the process can cause infection in a skin that is oily or dirty. There are many safe cleaning solutions that you can use. However, if you have sensitive skin, it is best to consult with a therapist who can guide you in using the best cleaning solution for your skin.

Avoid Harmful Medications

Some medications can make the skin more sensitive to waxing and can cause extreme irritations. For these reasons it is essential toavoid the application of solutions that comprise retinol at least two weeks before the process. But before following these steps you must consult with your physician or dermatologist who can assess your condition better.

Check For Skin Problems First

If you have an injury on your skin, a rash, or inflammation, do not go for waxing as they need to heal first. Waxing in these conditions will damage your skin further and might cause pain and irritation. Therefore, before booking an appointment with your friendly Hobart Beauty Salon, inspect your skin to see if these problems are present.

Keep Off that Moisturizer

Though moisturizer helps in releasing the wax more easily, you must not use it on the day of the procedure as too much moisturizer coats the hair and interferes with the grip of the wax. This solution can be averted by applying lotion which makes the skin soft and does not coat the skin.

The Right Time for Waxing

Before scheduling your waxing, make sure if its the right time to do so because the length of the hair matters when it comes to waxing. A hair that is too short is difficult to remove because the wax cannot cover the entire hair follicle. So, it is best to go for waxing when the hair is not too short or neither too long.

Avoid Too Much Sunlight

If your skin is sensitive, it is best that you avoid direct sunlight otherwise you may feel pain or burning sensation in your skin. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight affect the skin in many ways and waxing can further make it complicated.

Using Effective Waxing Solutions

There are many types of waxing solutions in the market and it is important that you use the right one. For instance, if you have sensitive skin you might need a different wax that is used for normal skin.

Enhance Your Beauty With a Smooth Hair-Free Skin

At Hobart Beauty Salon, we are dedicated beauty experts looking to provide you with the perfect looks. If you are searching for waxing in Hobart, come to us and see the difference for yourself. You can book your appointment online or give us a call and we will do the rest.