Effective Eyelash Extension Removal – The Most Effective Ways to Take

While putting on eyelash extensions is a delicate process, the steps that you can take to remove them are no less intricate. You need to be the same cautious to ensure you do not damage your natural eyelashes. Now you have two ways to do so – either try removing them yourself or get to a beauty salon in Hobart for some professional help. 

Here on this page, we describe some of the ways to have them removed yourself. However, before we start, we would like to iterate that if you are not confident enough to do it yourself or run into trouble midway, immediately get in touch with us. Fix an appointment and visit our salon to have them removed by our experts. 

The ways…..

Do not pull or pick the eyelashes

This is the first and foremost thing NOT to do. Keep in mind you must not tamper with the eyelashes. Do not pull them or try to ‘pick’ them up. It cannot be told how much you will succeed in removing the extensions that way, but you will damage your natural eyelashes for sure!! Also, never try to cut the lashes – it will cause serious damage to your natural eyelashes. Remember, eventually, your natural eyelashes will grow and shed off the extensions. 

Take a hot shower – it will make the extensions less rigid and loosen them up

Do you remember what you were told not to do after the eyelash extensions were applied? Do things that you were NOT to do when they were applied. If you remember, you were told not to take shower. Now that it’s time to get rid of the extensions, you need to take a hot shower, as it will loosen up the eyelash extensions, making it easier for you to get rid of them. 

Use oil-based cleansers

Again, it is all about taking steps that you are told NOT to do when the extensions were applied. Now, start using oil-based cleansers. They will work upon the glue and the extensions and affect their integrity, thereby helping the extensions to loosen out and fall apart. 

While cleansing your face, maintain gentle, circular motions, so that the oil slowly starts dissolving the glue. Remember, you cannot have the eyelash extensions removed in a flash. You need to continue practicing this for quite a few nights, till the lashes start falling off. 

Use a professional-grade eyelash glue dissolver 

Using branded professional-grade eyelash glue dissolvers are an excellent option. Since your eyelid, the natural lashes, and the adjoining areas are too sensitive, you need to use only and only the best products. They will act upon the glue and disintegrate it so much that the extensions fall off. Again, eyelash extension removal is not an overnight process and will take quite a few sessions for you to get rid of all the eyelash extensions. 

If you are short of confidence, get in touch with us. We at Hobart Beauty Salon have some of the best experts who will help you to get rid of your old eyelash extensions. Call us at 04 513 555 67 between our office hours.