Communicating with Your Barber before a Haircut in 5 Easy Steps

When it comes to changing the hairstyle, some people have a knack of doing a lot of homework to develop a premonition or a clear cut idea about what type of haircut suits them. They will vouch for the same accordingly when they visit a salon. Life at a beauty salon is much easier for these blokes. 

However, there are a few confused souls, who do not have any idea of what type of haircut will suit them. Now, these people have their task cut out. They need to communicate well with their barber and talk to them clearly about what they want and in what way the barber can help them. Here is where a reputed and experienced barber in Hobart will come in handy. The professional will be able to quickly ascertain the type of haircut the person will need and can explain things to him unmistakably, in no time. 

Thus, if you belong to this second league of men, you must visit reputed salons. What better name in Hobart can you find than Hobart Beauty Salon? We have some of the best and the most experienced professionals who will come with haircuts that will suit your personality THE BEST! 

Nevertheless, here are the 5 steps that you need to take to communicate with the barber! 

Ask the Barber what they can do…..

This is important and the first step to start with no matter, whether you have done any research or not. And even if it makes your search appear futile, you must not skip it. Let the barber think of what will best for you. They will use all their experience and acumen to tell you about the best-suited hairstyle for you. Now, this has a two-sided benefit – if you have done some homework, it will confirm that your research has been right, and secondly, it will tell you how competent and knowledgeable the salon is, if you are visiting it for the first time. 

……And Tell the pro about the length

Though every haircut for the men in Hobart has a definite look & feel with a definite length, which defines the style, men tend to go for varying lengths as per their preferences, to opt for a tailor-made variety. If you have any such preferences, you must put that across to your barber before the cut. Make sure you do not rue afterward, just because you had forgotten to mention the length while communicating with your barber. 

Be sure about the Top Finish you would like to go for…..

Ask the barber about the finish you would like best in. There are so many varieties to vouch for – choppy, layered, thinned, razored. Ask the barber about the one that will suit you the best. Also, tell the pro if you have any preference and ask where that will be ‘good to go’ with your personality and facial shape. 

……and then, the back & side finish

Once you are definite about the top finish, it is time to turn your attention to the side finishes. Again, you have so many options to choose from. You can opt for the tapering form, or the nape, arches, and the sideburns. If you opt for the nape, you have the blocked, rounded, and the tapered nape in the offing as well. So you see, options are many and a proper beauty salon in Hobart will guide you through the options. 

Final Thoughts…

After you have gone through so many options and the anatomy of each of them, it’s now time to take the final call. Now that you have the barber at your side, tell the pro the cut you want and get ready for it. Get to Hobart Beauty Salon for the best suggestion and the best cut, of course. For further details, call us at 04 513 555 67.