Everything about Waxing Aftercare to Maintain the Buttery Skin for Long

So finally you did it! Having a full-body waxing done is great, but what’s next? How do you maintain the soft and mushy feel of your skin? Post-waxing care is a must not just to soothe bumps but keep your skin looking buttery soft for a long time.

This guide will explain the DO’s and DONT’S to follow post a full body waxing to protect your skin from discomfort and irritations.

What Shouldn’t You Wear?

Post waxing, you must allow your skin to breathe and avoid wearing clothes that may cause skin irritations. Wearing loose clothes can protect your skin cells from rubbing or frictions and reduce possibilities of skin infections. If you are fond of skin-fit clothes, keep that aside for a few days and pick baggy shirts post-waxing to ensure there’s nothing to hurt your sensitive skin.

When to Exfoliate Your Skin?

The best time to exfoliate is before getting waxing done. Exfoliating post full body waxing can lead to skin infections and bumps.  Exfoliating before waxing can open skin pores and make ingrown nails accessible. Therefore, experts of beauty salon in Hobart always recommend getting exfoliation done before waxing and take a warm shower to make skin pores ready to face the treatment.

How Should You Treat Your Skin?

Post waxing your skin becomes extremely sensitive and therefore, you must apply the right products to prevent infections or rashes. Using chemically enriched cleansers, lotions or soaps can interfere with the pores and lead to skin outbreaks. It’s better to use milk soaps after the first few days post-waxing in Hobart to avoid any kind of burning sensation.

Avoid Hitting the Gym

It’s better to avoid the gym for the first few weeks post a full body waxing. Intense workouts for long hours can cause excessive sweating and irritate skin badly.  Also, friction caused due to various exercises can irritate the sensitive skin pores and cause severe infections. For women, intense sweating can severely disturb the PH balance and so it’s better not to hit the gym for a few days post-waxing.

Apply Specialised Wax Oil

A post-waxing aftercare is a must due to a plethora of reasons and amongst all, a quality wax oil is a must to use. It works like wonders to remove sticky wax remains, debris and above all calming the skin. Post waxing, your skin becomes vulnerable to allergies, infections and rashes. Besides wax oil, post-wax sprays work as an anti-inflammatory and deeply nourishes your skin. It’s chemical-free, easy to use and hence, you can directly apply it on your skin to avoid the post-wax mess.

Additional Tips for You

While the above tips can help you retain the post-wax glory, a few additional tips can help you make the most of your waxing.

  • Quit the habit of shaving especially those who are prone to quick ingrown hair development.
  • While it’s quite obvious for your skin to become a little bit sensitive post waxing, however, if you feel a burning sensation for a long time, you can take a cold shower and apply sufficient amount of cooling spray.
  • Last but not least; avoid waxing a week before your menstrual cycle. At this stage, your endorphins are at their lowest level and can make waxing more painful.

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