Body Waxing

5 Signs that Indicate that It’s Time for a Full Body Waxing

A smooth hair-free body always looks attractive and feels comfortable. But even if you remove your hair, it will come to reappear eventually. So, today, we will be focusing on the signs that tell you that it’s time to book your waxing service again. 

If you are in Hobart or Glenorchy and are planning to book a waxing service, we recommend that you book the service at a reliable salon as the professionals employed in these salons take all the safety precautions while waxing.

Anyway, let’s get straight into the topic now.

1. The Smoothness in Your Skin is Diminishing

If you notice that the areas from which you have got the hair removed earlier are slowly becoming rough again, you can treat this as a sign that it’s time for waxing. 

The reason why your skin is no longer smooth is due to hair growth. Basically, when hair starts to regrow, it makes the skin coarse. So, when this happens, you will need to book an appointment with a beautician who provides waxing in Hobart.

2. Hair Follicles Start Appearing 

It’s natural, isn’t it? Hair will regrow if you don’t have a condition. Anyway, if you notice that the areas in your body that were waxed has become slightly dark (due to regrowth of hair) it’s time to go for waxing again.

However, sometimes certain parts of your body such as your underarms and other areas might become dark due to a skin condition. So, if you notice this, better consult with a beautician before booking a waxing session.

3. You Notice Sweat Getting Lodged at Certain Parts of Your Body

If there is no hair on your body, if you sweat, it will flow freely rather than getting lodged in certain areas of your body because body hair absorbs sweat. So, if you notice that your dress is soaking sweat from certain areas, it means that hair regrowth has begun and hence it’s time to book the body waxing service in Glenorchy

However, if your skin still feels smooth and you do not notice any hair follicles, it might be due to over-sweating. But there can be other reasons too. So, if this happens, it’s best to discuss this with a beautician.

4. Hair Regrowth Followed by Itching  

When hair has reappeared and certain areas of your body start feeling itchy, it can be a sign that you need a body waxing again. However, the cause of the itching can be due to razor burns or skin irritation. For this reason, we always recommend not shaving using any razor. Rather, a safer solution is waxing that is performed by a trained professional.

5. You Notice Body Odour

If you notice body odour along with the reappearance of hair follicles, it is a sign that you need to visit your waxing salon at Hobart or Glenorchy for a full body waxing service. 

However, the body odour that you notice is not due to the hair rather the bacteria that cling to the hair. So, along with the hair removal, you might also need to apply a body wash.

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