Eyelash Extension Hobarts

A Brief Account of the Eyelash Extension Sealants and Their Uses

When you visit our beauty salon for eye extension, our specialists will apply high-quality lash sealant. This is an inseparable part of the eyelash extension process and any quality beauty salon anywhere in the world would do that. We at Hobart Beauty Salon are no exception. Our specialists would ensure that you opt for a sealant as it will prolong the life of the eyelash extensions. 

What is the importance of using a lash sealant? 

Using a lash sealant is essential, as it will

  • Offer an extra protective layer on the natural lashes. 
  • It will ensure a longer life of the adhesive that is used for carrying out eyelash extension in Hobart or where you have it done. It will lock the extension in its place for long enough to allow you biweekly refilling. 

Besides, these sealants would come in handy as and when your lashes are exposed to excessive moisture,

  • When you are exposed to rain,
  • When you are swimming 
  • When there is high humidity percentage in the air 
  • When you are sweating 
  • If your skin is too oily

When it is ideal to use an eyelash sealant? 

Our eyelash extension specialists in Glenorchy or elsewhere would suggest using the lash sealants all throughout the year, more so during lash shedding seasons – fall and spring. 

Thus you see a lash sealant is so important when it comes to protecting your lash extension and giving them a longer life, thereby justifying our investment. 

The steps of applying eyelash sealant

  • The specialist offering eyelash extension in Moonah will need only a very slight amount of sealant (as our experts say, a little will go a long way to serve the purpose). Thus, once they have drawn the brush out of the tube, they will put the excess product off, by sliding the brush along with the tube opening. 
  • Now they will put the brush along the top line of your lashes and simply run the brush along with the bonded areas where the lashes meet the lash line. 
  • If you have extra voluminous extensions, they might need a second sweep along the lower end of the lash line. 

Things you should know in regards to applying eyelash sealant

When it comes to applying these protective sealers, it is better to apply them twice a week, though it may vary depending on the brand you are using.  Our specialist applying for lash extensions in Hobart will advise you accordingly.  

Then there are certain variants of sealers that are ideal for those who lead a more active and faster life. These variants will come in handy if you are staying in a high humidity area and if you have oily skin. 

Certain sealants are water-based. These products can be applied every day and go a long way to safeguard the life of the eyelash extensions you have had in your favourite beauty salon in Hobart or elsewhere, depending upon your location. To find us on your search engine, use phrases like lash extensions near me. Call us at 0449 996 834 to book an appointment.