4 Expert-Recommended Tips to Retain Your Eyelash Extensions for Long!

Eyelash extensions have been making rounds for years and have become a preferred choice for most women who want their eyes look fuller and bigger. While it’s great to opt for eyelash extensions, however, taking good care of them is essential to make your investment worthy.

Here are some expert-recommended tips that will help you make your eyelashes last for long. Let’s take a sneak peek at this blog!

  • Avoid the 3S’s After 24 Hours of Installing Eyelashes

Immediately after applying eyelash extensions, you should avoid the three S’s-shower, swimming and steam. Anything that can probably make your lashes wet before the glue sets in properly is a big NO. Most salon experts offering eyelash extension in Hobart recommends not taking a shower for at least 48 hours, however, if that’s really not possible for you, avoiding shower in the first 24 hours of applying eyelash extensions is a MUST!

  • Start Cleansing Your Lashes Regularly After a Week

Well, if you have invested your ‘hard-earned’ money to get those stunning & voluminous eyes, you’ll definitely come up with a query on “how to care for my eyelash extensions” at some point of time. The best way to keep your lash extensions intact is by cleansing them regularly with a branded cleanser. While keeping up with your regular skincare routine, if you have already built suds and a little bit of scrubs, the task becomes even easier for you. However, experts offering eyelash extension in Glenorchy recommends using oil-free lash extensions remover, which is yet another good way to keep them clean and safe.

  • Use a Quality Lash Sealant for Better Protection

If you have spent hours to get that celeb-style look, don’t let your efforts and money go in vain. As a part of routine maintenance, you should use a good-quality lash sealant as it goes a long way to prolong the life of your lash glue. It binds your lash extensions and keeps them in place for a long time. If you aren’t sure which one to choose for your lashes, consult with the renowned professionals offering lash extensions in Hobart for guaranteed results.

  • Don’t Miss Out on Your Refilling Job Ever

When the matter of concern is how to keep your lash extensions in right shape for long, it comes down to keeping up with your lash refilling appointments after every two weeks. It’s the best way to keep your lash extensions look fuller and bigger. When it comes to refilling appointment, the salon experts will perform routine upkeep to revive your existing lashes and then install new extensions for added volume. Every time you book an appointment for refilling extensions, you can expect voluminous lashes and a refreshed look altogether!

If you have recently applied eyelash extensions and not sure about the products you are using as after-care, get in touch with our salon experts at Hobart Beauty Salon. Whether it’s before or after an appointment, visit us for refilling and we will make your investment worth every penny! HURRY!