Trendiest Men’s Haircuts to Ask For From Hairdressers in 2020

What is the fastest-changing trend in the world of fashion and style? The answer is universal and common – it’s the hairstyle. For both men and women, hairstyles change in almost every few months. However, when we take that short period, the change might not be that palpable. 

That is why, we have considered an entire year, to see the extent of the shift in style and appeal his year holds for the hairstyle enthusiasts, compared to the last year. Let see some of the trendiest hairstyles that the men hairdressers of reputed beauty salons in Hobart like in any other place have to come up with, for their clients. 

Textured & Undercut Top

This is one of the trendiest cuts that blokes these days are vouching for. It comes with a nicely trimmed undercut, which merges into a highly textured top, which together gives a revitalized look and feel. Perhaps, it is one of the most significant twists of the classic cuts that add a tinge of orthodoxy to the face and the sex appeal. Perhaps can be termed as the 2020 avatar of the orthodox haircut!

Higher Fade cut with a Side-Brushed Top

This is a much neater haircut for men in Moonah that comes with a polish and clean look, with the side-brushed top adding a more sophisticated and classy, somber look. This haircut goes with every hair type, with the style focusing more on volume as well as cleanliness. 

Pointing and Angled Brush-up Style

This is a rather choppy haircut for the younger ones, which goes a long way to reveal the natural texture of your hair. If you are one of those blokes who are more interested to keep their hair short, yet stylish, this is surely a cut to put your money on! Definitely, it will add to your sex appeal, and will help you to get praise from the beauties around you! 

Texture and Low Fade Medium Crop

Now, this is a more super flowy variety and is ideal for those with thicker hair. The hair around the head crown will be blown out and wavy texture, with the line up at the edges remaining as trimmed as they can be emerging from the wave and merging and then fading down the shoulder in seamless style. Surely, it is a tidy and steadily lined haircut in Glenorchy that young men are putting money on, than anything else! 

Minimalist Comet Trail Design with a Brush Back 

Again, it is one of the most eye-catching haircut styles, which is more inspired by the trails left behind by the comets as they crisscross the night sky. This unique texture comes with dual lines on each side on trimmed side surfaces, which add that cosmic effect, with the body of the hair on the crown and its edges brushed uniformly straight back to create a stark contrast, which, in one way, complements the comet trail lines. 

Therefore, you see, these eye-catching traits of haircuts are indeed making headlines in the men’s fashion world. Hence, if you are to get the best of them, you must visit a reputed beauty salon that is home to some of the best barbers in Hobart. What better name can you opt for than Hobart Beauty Salon in the Tasmanian Capital? 

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