Why You Should Not be Skeptical about Short Haircuts? Some Rational Reasons

When it comes to choosing haircuts, there are two broader choices to make – either a short or long haircut. Some would vouch for the shorter varieties, while some others would prefer the longer versions. However, there is a third category of the populace who has a liking towards the shorter haircuts but is deterred by a fair bit of skepticism. Indeed, these people would visit us at Hobart Beauty Salon to have their favourite haircut in Moonah or any other Hobart suburb and would inquire about the shorter haircuts that are making news of late. Amazingly, they would still opt for their tried and tested longer cut, clearly bitten by that ‘to-do-or-no-to-do’ bug. This happens out of ignorance about the benefits of having a shorter haircut. 

Our experts are always of the opinion, that if a shorter haircut matches the shape of your face and your personality trait, there is no reason why you should not go for it. In fact, shorter haircuts come with a string of benefits. On this page, we discuss them, hoping that it will clear any element of skepticism that you might have.

Hair grows back…

Well, it may sound a bit cliché but it’s the fact. Hair grows, and this is a reason enough for you to opt for a shorter style when you go for a haircut in Glenorchy or elsewhere near Hobart, without the fear of spoiling your looks once and for all. You can always make some change in the way you look by opting for a shorter cut, and be content with that until your hair grows back to its normal length to give you back your good old look. 

Shorter cuts are empowering….

That’s what the pundits say. Indeed, for certain faces, shorter haircuts add more personality. Indeed, women look much more empowering at times, in shorter haircuts… matter whether they are blonde or not. 

They are exciting for sure….

At times, opting for the same old look can be frustrating and that is the reason you might go for a change. That’s why do not be afraid to switch up your style. Yes, it may be a bit scary and even intimidating, but when you have our highly experienced barbers in Hobart at your side, there is nothing to be wary of. In fact, our professionals will ensure that the new shorter cut you try out turns out to be highly exciting! It’s a perfect choice if you are planning to add some spice to your looks. 

Your haircut does not define you! 

Indeed so! Think rationally and this will be the conclusion you will arrive at. Your haircut does NOT define you. YOU describe you!! So even if you go for a sea change in your haircut, it will not change you as a person. You will be the same Dorothy Green, or Amanda McGill even after a different, shorter haircut. So do some research on short haircuts by using phrases like ‘short haircuts near me’ and you will find a lot of praises and rosy words from those who have shorter hairs. 

You may feel more comfortable 

Well, you are the best one to judge this. Going for a shorter haircut at our salon in Hobart may actually make you feel much more comfortable. It may be handier and who knows, it will be love at first sight for you!! 

So brush aside those negative thoughts! Vouch for a scintillating shorter haircut, the next time you visit us at Hobart Beauty Salon if you are already our valued loyal customer. And if you aren’t still, we would suggest you to book an appointment early, by calling us at 04 513 555 67. Our experts will guide you to have a short haircut that will make you look even prettier, for sure!