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Things That You Need To Do Before Getting Eyelash Extensions

Preparing for eyelash extensions is something that you need to do to avoid allergies or other eye and skin problems. Also, following these steps will help make the extensions look perfect. So, if you are in Hobart and planning to get these eyelash extensions, this is the discussion that you need to follow. Then, you will get an idea regarding what you need to do before you can go for the extensions.

Clean Your Face

Try to avoid residual oils and makeup before going for lash extensions in Hobart as they will prevent the adhesive on the lashes to properly get adhered to your eyes. Also, you should try to avoid makeup since that can cause allergies after the lashes are attached.

Though lash stylists will clean and prepare the lashes for the service, if there is too much oil on your face, removing it might become cumbersome. Also, you can expect undesired results out of the same. So, you should follow this direction and try to avoid putting makeup on for a few days from the date of the appointment.

Try to Avoid Applying Creams On Your Face

Similar to that of makeup, you should try to avoid the application of oil-based creams on the areas around your eyes. That way, you can keep yourself protected from allergies after these are attached. Moreover, if oil persists around your eyes, it will prevent the adhesive of the eyelash to bond with your eyelids. However, to keep your skin clean, you can use soap or other cleaners.

Don’t Wax Your Eyebrows

Try to avoid waxing your eyebrows before going for the eyelash extension in North Hobart. This is because waxing removes the hair and the area becomes sensitive. So, you can experience redness and mild pain during or after the eyelashes are attached.

Remove Contact Lenses

Since the professional will intricately work on your eyes, it is a good idea to remove your contact lenses before the beginning of the procedure.

You can use glasses, however, as they will not cause any problems.

Try to Avoid the Sun

If you have booked a Hobart eyelash extension service, try to avoid the sun because too much sweat can make it difficult to attach the eyelashes. Naturally, sweat can make it difficult for the lashes to get adhered to your eyelids. Also, attaching the extension when you are sweaty can lead to infections in your eye.

Cancel the Appointment if You Already Have an Eye Infection

If you already have an eye infection, you should cancel the appointment because an eyelash extension can make the infection worse. Rather, wait a few days and when you are completely fine, you should reschedule the same.

Consult Your Physician

You should consult with your physician if you feel before going for an eyelash extension.

This is always a safe option because the physician can tell you whether the extensions can suit your eyes.

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