Eyelash Extension Sealants and Why Are They So Important?

No matter how much you have splurged on installing eyelash extensions from a beauty salon of repute, they may come off if you don’t adhere to routine upkeep and maintenance. While there are plenty of reasons that may compel your lash extensions to come off early, investing in a quality lash sealant can help in retaining your newly installed lashes for a long time.  

Eyelash extension sealants are particularly useful against:

  • Frequent build-up of dirt, oil and other pollutants
  • Residues from makeup such as eyeliners, eye shadows
  • Dry eyelashes
  • Irritations, infections and redness around the eye zone

What is the Role of a Lash Extension Sealer?

When it comes to the aftercare post installing eyelash extensions, most women fail to make out the role of a lash sealant and face a common query regarding its utility. The way a top-coat of nail paint prolongs the shelf-life of a manicure treatment, an eyelash sealer does the same for extensions. The primary function of a lash sealant is to form a protective barrier against natural elements such as dirt, debris and residues that may affect the lash glue and compel you to opt for eyelash extension removal before the expected time. They actually ‘seal’ the lash extensions to the base to ensure maximum retention as well as prevent twisting or falling apart early.

Does Lash Sealer Affect the Appearance of Eyelash Extensions? Things You May Expect

Lash sealants are glossy materials that add a little bit of shine to your eyelash extensions and are usually not visible to the eye. Good-quality lash sealants contain special fruit extracts that add a natural black colour to the sealant as well as play the role of a strong anti-oxidant. By applying branded lash sealants, you can add a jet black colour to your eyelash extensions and make your eyes look fuller and voluminous.

Is it Feasible to Use Lash Sealants on Voluminous Lashes?

Many women have the misconception that lash sealants can be used only on newly installed eyelash extensions from a beauty salon in Hobart but in reality, it can seamlessly blend with volume lashes too! However, you need to brush them gently using a mascara brush to get a more defined look.

Additional Tips For Using Eyelash Extension Sealant:

  • Eyelash extension sealants will give you a temporary ‘wet look’ but that’s quite normal. It’s essential to use a brand new dry lash applicator to distribute the sealant evenly on your eyelash extensions to ensure they don’t stick together. 
  • Be careful while applying lash sealants and ensure it doesn’t make it’s way to your skin. Invest sufficient amount of time to clean the residue coating sealant to get the job done precisely.
  • Like any other water-based product, experts offering eyelash extension in Hobart recommend clients to apply coating sealants preferably 48 hours after installing eyelash extensions to ensure the adhesive completely sticks to the extensions.

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