Head Massage Tips

Does Head Massage Really Stimulate Hair Growth?

Whether you suffer from frequent headache or feel tired after hectic weekends, there’s nothing a head massage can’t fix. If you had ever opted for a scalp massage, you know how relaxing it feels after undergoing the treatment. Besides releasing stress and anxiety, head massage also facilitates new hair growth and makes your hair stronger and healthier. 

Well, is this just a myth, or does it really add to the benefits of a scalp massage? Some scientific evidence has proved that head massage can facilitate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Read on and explore some interesting facts about head massage.

Research and studies have revealed that regular scalp massage leads to thicker hair. The ability of the scalp to promote new hair growth largely depends on the condition of the hair follicle. Each hair strand starts with a new life and grows thicker and stronger depending upon the oxygen and nutrients it receives from the scalp. According to research, head massage strengthens hair thickness by expanding the cells of the hair follicle. This, in turn, stimulate follicle to produce thicker and stronger hair. It’s also believed that head massage widens blood vessels underneath the skin and eventually leads to hair growth.

Head massage is a proven treatment for hair loss and it’s been practised for ages.  Massaging the scalp with various hand strokes stimulates blood circulation and eliminates the trouble of frequent hair loss. The increased blood flow nourishes the damaged hair follicle and prevents hair loss to a great extent.

Stress and anxiety tighten the scalp muscles and restricts seamless blood flow. Head massage in Hobart by a professional masseuse restores elasticity, eases tension and promotes new hair growth. Scalp massage also removes dead cells and excess sebum that can deter new hair growth and distribute natural oil to each hair strand for better nourishing and conditioning.

Ultimate Relaxing Head Massage Tips to Try at Home

Massage Using Fingers

It’s not necessary to massage your scalp every day using oil. You can just run your fingers through your hair and give your scalp a gentle massage for 5 minutes without using oil. Using your fingers in a circular motion can ease the tense muscles and make you feel fresh.

Massage While Shampooing

Massage is a perfect stress buster and when it comes to releasing stress, anxiety and tension, head massage has no exception. It’s not only healing but rejuvenating and relaxing. Give your wet scalp a gentle massage before shampooing. Make sure to cover the whole of your scalp while doing this. You will feel much relaxed and composed.

Use Oil that’s Beneficial for Your Hair

When considering a head massage, choose oils that can suit your specific hair type and stimulate hair growth. You can even mix oils of your choice or add a few drops of essential oils to facilitate rapid hair growth. Essential oils penetrate the skin underneath the scalp and nourish hair follicles to grow stronger and healthier. To help your scalp absorb better, you may warm it up.

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