Thai Massage

Things that Your Thai Massage Therapist Would Want You to Do

Getting yourself to be a good therapist for a quality Thai massage session is always refreshing, but there must be transparency between you and your therapist. For instance, the therapist expects you to know certain things that would make the session easier and more fruitful. On this page, we discuss a few things that the therapist would want you to know. 

Remembering to Breathe

This comes into play, in particular when your therapist is working on a really bad knot. In these cases, it might very well be tempting for you to get tensed up a little bit and hold your breath. The therapist won’t like it. By doing this, you will miss out on major benefits of the Thai Massage service in Hobart that you are taking. Your therapist would like you to know that you need to be relaxed with normal breathing to get the best of the benefits out of the massage. 

Drinking a Lot of Water

Drinking a lot of water is a must as it is important for you to remain well hydrated before, during and after the massage. As our experts would quip, “As things happen in case of workouts, the muscular tissues would get dehydrated during the massage. That’s why drinking plenty of water before and after the massage would help you to remain hydrated. Besides, it helps in building healthy muscle tissues, and removing metabolic wastes, which build up as the muscles are dealt with.” 

Taking a Warm Shower Makes a Difference

This is another MUST DO thing that your therapist would like you to know about. In fact, if you ask our therapists, they would say that a warm shower is the best and the most satisfying way of relaxing our mind, body and spirit before a Thai Massage Therapy in North Hobart or anywhere else. As our therapist would put it, “the massive relaxing effect of a warm, cozy shower will have a tremendous effect on the mind, body and the spirit, more so on the muscles. It will help you to keep tension, unnecessary thoughts at bay, helping you to remain calm and composed, and in a relaxed mood. This will help you get the best out of the session.”

Disclosing the Preferred Massage style before the Session

There are various styles of movements that are followed in Thai Massage Therapy, and it is up to the therapist to follow the right process, depending upon the conditions to be treated. Yet, the therapist would like the recipient to strike some conversation in regards to the most preferred style of massage. It will help the recipient to stay calm and relaxed, out of the thought that the therapist knows about the type of pressure to be exerted, the movements to be made and styles to be followed. This becomes all the more important if the recipient has any long standing pain or a chronic medical condition.  

Being Strategic about Timing

This is the most important thing the therapist would like the recipients to know. It is important to know that massages cannot be conducted in a hurry. It is a time taking procedure and to get the best out of it, one must not have any thought of catching up with things at the back of the mind. Hence there has to be an impeccable timing for the therapy and a suitable scheduling. 

Thus you see, these are some of the things that our Thai Massage therapist would like you to know before you walk up to us at Revive QueenFor further details, you must call us at 044 999 6834.