The 8 Most Happening Hair Cuts That Are Likely to Steal the Show in 2021

Styles and trends change with time, and that’s quite obvious. Nothing is constant in this universe but for change. Change is the only constant. So it is obvious that along with other aspects of styles and trends, haircuts also change. With the arrival of a new year, old styles make way for the new ones, and even hairstyles do not escape this phenomenon. On the contrary, this change in style and trend is most palpable in haircuts, and dresses & attires and that is why a fashionista would look into the new trends of hair styles and dresses that are on the verge of hitting the stands as a year ends. This has always been a common trend for people. This year as well, as we inch towards the end of 2020 and as a new year awaits us, there are a few new haircut trends that are waiting to the fashion world by storm. Like the rest of the world, Hobart is likely to face this fashion wave as well. Here on this page, we discuss the 4 most happening haircuts in Hobart, which are likely to steal the show next year. 

Textured Layers

This particular hairstyle adds a lot of texture to the naturally fine hair, using layers after layers….putting midway down the hair to their ends, by enduring that you do not lose excessive volume. 

Short and Wild Shag 

This is one of the most flattering styles, with the classic shag adding a full of curls all over the head. As per our experts, this going to be the coolest haircut of 2021. 

Blunt Collarbone Cut 

This cut is to come with a lob that hits right at the collarbone, and is expected to be THE most flattering style with the right length!! That’s it. There is hardly any need to describe it! That’s what our haircut specialists in Hobart would say. 

Soft Curved Bob

This is the typical old Hollywood bob of the bygone era, which comes with soft ends and some mesmerising curves, with a deeper side part. 

Mia Wallace Bob

This is another Hollywood cut, or the famous ‘Pulp Fiction’ cut, likely to hit the Tasman shores this summer, in the New Year. That’s what our Hobart haircut specialists would say. 

Cheekbone-grazing 90s Cut 

This is another retro cut, and it comes with a series of razor-sharp lines and some super glossy strands. 

Blunt Textured Cuts

This is another cut that is likely to be an instant hit in the next year. It is well poised to make your hair look denser and thicker, by leaving blunt ends and putting some textured bends in the body. 

Wispy Bangs

This is one special cut, which needs some special attention. This is all about a bunch of layering, which adds to their natural texture and bounce, along with some wispy bangs, which justify the cut regardless of its length. 

Therefore you see, all these haircuts for women are likely to make more than a ripple in the world of fashionista. All that you need to do is to get yourself to the best salon in Hobart by finding one, with the phrase like ‘haircut near me’. What better name can you opt for than Hobart Beauty Salon? For further reference, call us at 04 513 555 67.