Mistakes You Should Keep At Bay after You Are Done With Your Facial

Mistakes You Should Keep At Bay after You Are Done With Your Facial

Thanks to the modern tactic life, it takes a considerable toll on not only your mind but on your appearance as well. The skin gets a heavy beating from the dust and dirt, heat and sweat, and all the other ills to take a blemished look that makes you feel jaded and tired. Thus, from time to time you need to rejuvenate your skin through systematic treatments. Facial is the most effective way of rejuvenating your skin. However, in order to have the best service, you must turn to qualified specialists and come up with the best facials in Hobart. What better name can you turn to than Hobart Beauty Salon for that? But even then, certain people fail to enjoy the best results and turn back to us, asking questions. But the reality is, they themselves are to blame for that, for they end up committing certain mistakes, for which they fail to make the most of such high-quality facials carried out by our experts. Hence, if you are planning to go for facials, you must have a clear notion about things that you MUST NOT indulge in, after facials. 

Exfoliation is a strict NO-NO: 

Do not exfoliate if you have gone through facials only recently. You can use a quality moisturiser, but exfoliation immediately after facial is a strict NO-NO! This is because our experts have already exfoliated your skin while carrying out the facial. Hence you don’t need it once again. Over-exfoliation will damage the skin and will result in dry patches on your face. 

Steer clear from Threading: 

Threading is not the best of things to be done immediately after a facial. It’s after all an aggressive method, which can result in inflammation and itching on the skin when done immediately after facial. This is because the skin turns delicate after facial. Hence, running the string over the skin will not only result in considerable pain but breakouts also. 

Waxing is dangerous too:

Just like threading, waxing is an aggressive method too! Thus, if you are at all in a mood to have your face waxed, get it done at least 3 to 4 days before your facial. Following the facial, the upper surface of the skin gets sensitive. Thus, waxing will inevitably damage your skin and will result in redness and even inflammation. Waiting for at least 3 to 4 days after a facial is the ideal stance to take. 

Don’t Expose Yourself to Sun Immediately

Do not get out in the sun immediately after the facial. Experts of any quality beauty salon in Hobart would suggest you to comprehensively use good quality sunscreen on your face if at all you need to go out in the sun. 

Turn away from Botox

It’s not only an error but a blunder to use Botox after a facial. Indeed, using Botox after a facial is regarded as the mother of all skin disaster. It will cause severe acne and breakouts. You must wait for at least 4 days after facial before you can opt for Botox. 

Do not experiment with any new skin products

It’s recommended not to use any untried, unknown, new skin products after facials. The reason is obvious – as the skin becomes sensitive after facial, you never know how your skin is going to react with the new, unknown product. After facial, it’s wiser to use the products that your skin is familiar with. 

Thus you see, sticking to these guidelines will help you to get the most out of the facial you will have from Hobart Beauty Salon. Call us at 04 513 555 67 to book an appointment now!