Incredible Ways to Remove Eyelash Extensions According to Salon Experts

Eyelash extensions have been making rounds for the past few years and have certainly have become a dire part of every beauty regimen. Lash extensions can give instant gratification to anyone craving for long, voluminous eyes and are sufficient to convince any women to put money on to it. However, great eyelashes demand good maintenance and care. After a certain time period, you need to refill your lash extensions and to do it safely, you need to follow the right removal techniques.

With that, comes a common query among women whether lash extensions can be removed at home.

Is it Really Safe to Remove Eyelash Extensions at Home?

Well, the honest answer to this question is NO. Experts always recommend removing eyelash extensions at salon under the guidance of a beauty professional. The reason is simple-in most cases; extensions are applied using lash-specific glue which isn’t something a layman can deal with. Incorrect eyelash extension removal techniques can cause bacteria to spread all over the eye zone which a professional eyelash expert can easily avoid. However, there may be some inevitable circumstances where you may not manage to get time to visit the salon and have to opt for DIY eyelash extensions removal methods. Luckily, with some expert-recommended damage-free lash removal techniques you can remove lash extensions at home.

Don’t Pull Out Your Eyelash Extensions

In a rush to get your eyelash extensions removed, there are a few things to take into consideration to prevent a backfire. Experts offering eyelash removal in Hobart strongly recommend avoiding hands to pick off your lash extensions.  Pulling them out can not only damage your natural lashes but cause extensions to shed off with your natural lash cycle.

Take a Shower to Loosen Your Lash Extensions

Picking, pulling, and scrubbing your eyelash extensions is a BIG NO even while taking a shower. Doing these can put your natural lashes at risk as well as damage your eye zone. Plucking severely affects your natural eyelashes and it’s worth to mention, pulling out lashes can lead to bacterial infections too! To minimise the adverse outcomes and speed up the lash extension removal process, it’s better to take a hot shower beforehand. It can help in loosening stranglers and make your task a breeze.

Take Help of an Oil-Based Natural Cleanser

Any professional eyelash expert would recommend you to avoid oil-based cleanser immediately after applying a set of lash extensions as it would weaken the adhesive power of the lash glue and cause early fall out of your lash extensions. However, if you are planning to refill or remove your lash extensions, the best and easiest way is by using an oil-based natural cleanser. While cleansing your face, apply the cleanser in gentle and circular motions that would dissolve the eyelash adhesive and help your lashes come out easily.

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