Face Washing Mistakes That Can Negate Your facial Effects – An Overview

When it comes to making the most of your facial, you are supposed to follow a few certain steps. But that’s not enough!! There are a few more things to do if you are to ensure that the flow of your facial session stays longer! One of them is properly washing your face. Now, this is something that is often under-rated and this is where issues start shooting off. That is the reason, you need to wash your face properly, to make sure the glow of your face stays for long, after the facial session. And this applies even if you had visited a quality salon in Hobart for a facial, like Hobart Beauty Parlour. 

Using an inappropriate cleanser

You need to ensure that the cleaner you use for face washing, that suits the type of skin you have. You will find a number of face washes available in the market – from gel to cream or foaming. However, you must choose the one that is formulated for your face skin, depending upon the texture and level of moisture it has got. 

Applying the cleanser in a wrong way

Indeed, there are two different ways in which you can apply the cleanser – the right way and in the wrong way!!!! It’s imperative to be gentle, and massage the cleanser tenderly onto your skin, rather than rubbing it aggressively. 

Not removing your makeup before anything else

If you have a notion that cleansing your face means removing your makeup as well, you need to take a fresh guard. When you are using a cleanser, you are not removing the makeup, you are only removing the impurities. However, with the makeup still remaining, it will thwart the removal of the impurities. Thus, you need to remove the makeup first, followed by the cleansing. Following the other way round is a mistake. 

Washing the face in the shower

While a lot of people may argue with it, there is a formidable school of thought that always votes against washing face under in the shower. There are reasons behind it. Firstly, washing your face in the shower will result in washing away every trace of hair care products from the face, and secondly, the streams of water, falling from a height will cause roughness on the delicate skin of your face, affecting the glow that you have attained through the facial in your beauty salon in Hobart. Thus, beauty pundits are of the opinion that showering of the face should be avoided in order to retain the glow of the facial. 

Using dirty hands

This surely is the mother of all mistakes and there is not much to read in between the lines. When you are cleansing your face using dirty hands, you are not ‘cleansing’ it. You are actually making it dirtier, by transferring the dirt and filth into the spores, thus negating the effect of the facial and ‘killing’ that glow. 

Using Hot Water

Shed off the misconception of using hot water for better cleaning results. When you use hot water, it will strip the skin of its natural oil and this will lead to dryness, thus negating the effect of the facial. 

Thus you see, if you are to ensure that the glow of the facial remains for long you need to avert these mistakes. Just visit us at Hobart Beauty Salon to have your facial done by the best experts. They will tell you what to do in the long run, while cleansing your face, to ensure that you get the best out of your facial session. For further details, call us at 04 513 555 67 during our business hours.