Convincing Reasons Why Waxing Is Always Better than Shaving

Convincing Reasons Why Waxing Is Always Better than Shaving

When it comes to hair removal methods, a common query that often boils down to whether you should wax or shave. Whereas shaving is convenient and hassle-free, waxing can make your skin buttery soft and smooth. Wax pulls hair from the skin smoothly and delays hair re-growth by 5-6 weeks. Shaving, on the other hand, is more of trimming which removes hair from the surface of the skin leaving the root untouched and require repetition after every week.

The debate between waxing vs shaving has been around for years with each having its proponents and opponents giving opinions about the individual techniques. Here’s this blog uncovering some practical facts which will help you weigh on the benefits the next time you decide to choose between the two methods.

What All Include Shaving?

Razors and epilators are used in shaving and this method removes hair from the surface of the skin leaving the root untouched. Therefore, shaving makes skin rough and doesn’t yield long-term benefits.

How Waxing is Done?

The process starts by heating warm wax and applying the same on skin to squeeze hair out from the roots. Unlike shaving which trims hair, body waxing in Glenorchy removes the entire hair follicle and leave behind a smooth effect on your skin.

There are plenty of reasons which make waxing a way better option than shaving. Stay glued till the end of this post to uncover them one by one.

  • Waxing Makes Skin Buttery Soft

Waxing squeeze hair follicles from deep inside the roots and delays the process of hair re-growth by a month or two. Whereas shaving leaves rashes and other skin infections, waxing from Hobart Beauty Salon is way safer and makes skin smooth and soft.

  • Removes Dead Skin Cells

When it comes to waxing, it not only removes hair from skin but exfoliates dead skin cells. Dead skin cells make your skin dull and gradually forms dark patches. Although shaving trims hair from the root, it fails to remove dead skin cells and eventually make your skin rough.

  • Delays Ingrown Hair Growth

Shaving trims hair from the surface of the skin and makes them blunt. Thus, the hair gets trapped underneath the surface of the skin and form circles. Ingrown hair is harmful to skin and leads to a plethora of skin issues. This is why most people prefer waxing in Hobart than shaving as it delays hair growth by almost a month.

  • Wax Makes Hair Thinner 

Whereas shaving makes hair rough, uneven and blunt, waxing makes ingrown hair thinner and makes skin soft and smooth. Choosing to opt for waxing, in the long run, can help you get buttery soft skin and save your time from visiting beauty salon in Hobart frequently.

  • Gives Instant & Better Results

It’s no lie that waxing is time-consuming compared to shaving but the results are instant and long-lasting. Moreover, there are zero risks of cuts and wounds in waxing as the process is done using wax strips and help you maintain the smooth effect on your skin for a long time.

At Hobart Beauty Salon, we comprise of a team of skilled, trained and professional beauty salon experts who make waxing less painful using unique tools and techniques. We understand each skin type and apply wax using cutting-edge skills and expertise to ensure you get the desired result without much hassle. For booking an appointment at the lowest quote, get in touch with us now!