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Beware of 4 Common Eyelash Extension Mistakes for Long-Lasting Results

It’s no secret that eyelash extensions revamp your facial appearance and help you get a celeb-style look if installed properly. It makes your eyes look fuller, bigger and voluminous and last up to several weeks with routine care and maintenance. However, a few mistakes can count on the health of your lash extensions and end up being more of a burden.

Attending Appointments With Make-Up On 

To get those perfectly applied lash extensions, it’s important to attend appointments without applying makeup. The reason behind this is makeup residues weakens the glue of eyelash extension in Hobart and prevent it from adhering it to the natural lashes. However, women who attend appointments with makeup on, end up with unsatisfactory results and their extensions peel off early. For this reason, professional salon experts always recommend removing make up the night before the scheduled appointment to ensure eye zone looks clean and installing lash extensions become seemingly easy.

Not Listening to Your Eyelash Artist

Eyelash extensions are delicate and require care and attention. In order to make them last up to several weeks, you need to keep a few things in mind and follow the advice of lash extension specialists especially for the 48 hours of the initial appointment. At the end of an appointment, lash specialists will explain you how to maintain your lash extensions in Hobart and the precautions to take to make them last in good health. Failing to follow the advice of your lash specialist can count on the health of your newly installed lashes and result in premature fallouts.

Skipping the Basic Skincare Regime

Eyelash extensions require routine care and maintenance to look great for months and so you can’t afford to skip regular skincare regime until its time for a refilling appointment. Applying oil-based cleansers, moisture around the eye zone can weaken the glue of your lash extensions and make them come off early. Moreover, women who tend to skip combing their lashes before going to bed compromise on the longevity of lash extensions and book refilling appointments frequently. 

Exposing Lashes to Water Immediately After an Appointment

One of the biggest mistakes people make is exposing their lash extensions to water immediately after undergoing an eyelash extension treatment from a beauty salon in Hobart. Water is a big-time foe for lash extensions and a prime culprit behind early fall out of lashes. Professional salon experts always advise allowing sufficient time for eyelashes to dry to minimise the risk of damage and early fallouts. For the first few weeks after installing eyelash extensions, allow plenty of time for them to dry and skip exercises, swimming and other activities that may form sweat around your eyelashes.

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