All You Need to Know About Full Body Waxing Over Stretch Marks

Not everybody can claim to have a body free of stretch marks. These scars are always unsightly and emerge slowly without a nuisance. However, once the marks become visible, it becomes difficult to overlook them and even more challenging to deal with the issue.  For women who often resort to full body waxing, stretch marks can turn out to be a real nuisance. After all, how long can you hide the area covered with those scar-like strips? Undergoing a full body waxing regime every month can help you resolve a plethora of skin issues but before you deal with stretch marks, here’s what you need to know.

Why Do Stretch Marks Originate?

Stretch marks are narrow lines that emerge on certain parts of your skin and gradually settle on the area over time. They tend to appear on areas surrounding arms, thighs, buttocks, breasts and lower abdomen and turn into eyesores without proper treatment. As they are a result of various hormonal changes, stretch marks may develop at various stages of life. When skin fails to cope up with the hormonal imbalances, stretch marks become more visible.

Some bodily changes that usually result in stretch marks are:

  • Puberty
  • Abnormal weight gain/loss
  • Medical changes
  • Breast implant treatment
  • Rapid muscular growth
  • Pregnancy

How to Prepare for Waxing With Stretch Marks

Most women have the perception that body waxing near Glenorchy over stretch marks isn’t a feasible option as it fetches high risk of skin infections. Is it at all true?

In most cases, waxing can be easily done over stretch marks without the risk of skin infections.  As wax doesn’t penetrate the innermost layers of skin, they can’t change the structure of the marks once they start expanding. However, as stretch marks are proven results of hormonal changes, it’s important to be cautious, mainly when they are at developing stage. Resorting to proper skin hydration both pre and post full body waxing is essential to minimise chances of skin irritation and make the process smooth and less painful.

Here, here’s another important point to note. Most of the skin nourishing creams recommended by dermatologists for treating stretch marks is itself a part of hard body wax. Although these natural properties are not of much help in eradicating stretch marks permanently from skin, they can keep skin deeply nourished and moisturised to make up for the lack of elasticity that leads to the formation of these marks at the first instance.

Can Waxing Give Rise to New Scars?

First and foremost, it should be taken into account that stretch marks are result of certain hormonal changes that our body undergoes over various stages of life. While there are lotions having specific compositions that can prevent the formation of collagen, however, it would be wrong to state that waxing near Hobart create adverse impacts over stretch marks. The properties of wax neither have any impact on the formation of stretch marks nor the number of scar stripes that appear on skin.

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