6 Adorable Short Hairstyle Looks for Women with Round Faces

If you have a round face and plan on getting a short (or shorter) hairstyle, it does seem worth going for. With a round face, the short hair should cover your ears and they are achieved without too much difficulty using a blow dryer and a mousse. Most round faces look thinner if the bangs are cut and styled asymmetrically to the other side. However, while raking your hair with your fingers; you can even add some vertical lines to give it an edgier look.

Hobart Beauty Salon your trusted beauty salon in Hobart would explain- most short (shorter) hairstyles for round face will consist of an extending A-line outline. All pixies, bobs and graded hair-cuts side-swept and featuring feathery finish will easily veil the fullness of your round face. And this is one basic idea which all of you should keep in mind when planning a shorter hairstyle for a more eye-catching look.

However, it is not recommended to go for shorter haircuts and styling with rounded shapes. They won’t look good on your round face. Contrarily, you can add more texture to your bob cut with defining edges and tresses to achieve a chic and complementary look for your round face shape.

Alternatively; you can also opt for a short (shorter) retro haircut and styling like finger waves combed backwards for the short bob cut. You can side part them and comb wavy bands on one side to achieve a dramatic hairstyle- best-suited for theme parties and lavish events.

Here Are Some Cute and Adorable Short Hairstyles If You Have a Round Face.

  1. Long Voluminous Pixie Haircut – Although it is a bit longer to a classical pixie haircut, this does embody a fairy-tale-like appeal. It exudes sophisticated energy and its style gives you a very timeless and youthful look.
  2. Asymmetrical-Styled Grunge Bob – Asymmetrical grunge bob cut presents a very youthful, girly and sweet appeal. It consisting of an inverted cut and platinum hair dye and the edge of this wonderful style will automatically elevate your look without forgoing any of your feminineness.
  3. Short Bob Cut with Soothing Highlights – You can even choose to add a striking distraction from your usual short bob cut by adding some soothing colour throughout your hair. Blue is one perfect colour for all seasons- however, you can choose any other more favouring your personality and look.
  4. Tousled Bob with a Cute Blonde Colour and a Side Part – You can very well try out a tousled bob cut which honestly does look rather pretty with  blonde colour and a side parting. You can add more texture with a good hairspray and use those fingers to shape those locks and achieve that perfect cutie-next-door-look.
  5. Long Pixie Featuring a Nape Undercut – Another haircut for ladies having round face shape is this long pixie haircut with a nape undercut. It involves parting your hair in the centre with leaving bangs a tad longer so that it hangs in front of your eyes and lends that beautiful peek-a-boo look!
  6. Layered Cut/Delicate Feathers – If you’re someone who has thin hair, then you can opt for a layered haircut which helps you create delicate flicks. In fact, we consider this as one very good option for round faces mainly because of its all-over fringe with softened features

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