5 Hidden Secrets to Make Your Manicure Last Longer and Prevent Chipping

Everyone loves to keep their manicure in perfect shape but chipping, peeling and cracking are bound to happen over time. Even if you splurge on an expensive manicure by salon professionals, you can’t just expect your nails to look glamorous for long without proper upkeep and routine maintenance. Yes! the truth is nail paints aren’t intended to last for a lifetime but what you can definitely do is follow some incredible beauty hacks to make your manicure last longer. 

  • Scrub Your Nails Using a Gentle Toothbrush 

A toothbrush is an incredible beauty weapon and has varied uses-from exfoliating lips, shaping unruly eyebrows to smoothing baby hair; a toothbrush has got many usages. To add to it, it has got significant contribution in making nails pearly white. You can scrape off dirt and debris from your nail edges using a gentle toothbrush and give a refreshing feel to your nails after undergoing a manicure treatment in Hobart. 

Avoid Steam Bath At least for a Month

Steam bath accounts to one of the potential threats of getting chipped and cracked nails immediately after a manicure. The relaxing steam bath soak acts as a culprit in shortening the lifespan of your nail paint, compelling you to visit beauty salon in Hobart more often. As nails tend to absorb water, they expand quickly and gradual water evaporation cause nails to contract which eventually make nail paint vulnerable to crack and they peel off early than expected. 

Apply a Sealant to Protect Manicure

A good quality topcoat acts as a protective layer in sealing your nail paint and preventing it from peeling off early. From an expert point of view, a sealant adheres nail paint better than lacquer and acts as a protective shield against cracks, peel or nail damage. Additionally, a base coat after a manicure strengthens nails and makes your manicure last longer for decades. 

Be Careful While Choosing Nail Products

To keep your manicure looking great for long, you need to be a bit choosy about the nail products. Although hand sanitisers are known to kill germs and bacteria that accumulate on nails over time, however, the alcohol content eats away the topcoat and cause nail paint to fade before time. Using exfoliators is also a big NO as they scrape off the top coat of your nail paint, making your hard-earned investment useless. Experts of a reputed beauty salon in Hobart always recommend washing hands with ant-bacterial soap to prevent the accumulation of lumps or debris on nails.

Use Rubber Gloves while Cleaning Bathrooms of Kitchen

Wearing rubber gloves during cleaning kitchen utensils or bathroom accessories is another good option to protect your nail paint from breakage or damage after a manicure. To further prolong the shelf-life of your nail paint, you can apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly as a base of your nails before wearing gloves. The petroleum oil will act as a protective shield to prevent nails from getting cracked and chipped and restrict chafing near the cuticles.

Following these easy beauty hacks can help you protect manicure for long. At Hobart Beauty Salon, we offer exclusive manicure in Hobart for both men and women at a market competitive price. Our beauty salon experts use professional nail products during manicure to give you glamorous nails you can boast about. Visit our website and have a quick glimpse of our work!